 100% Financing
 No down payment. Only 1st lease payment required.
 Preservation of Working Capital / Bank Lines
 Pay for only the portion used rather than the full value, freeing up working capital for other purposes.
 Preserves bank Lines for operating needs.
 Improves Cash Flow
 Payment schedule customized to coincide with business cash flow.
 Tax Management Strategy
 Deduct entire lease payment as an operating expense to lower taxes.
 Avoid 4th quarter tax depreciation rules by leasing rather than purchasing.
 Affordable Payment equals Greater Purchasing Ability
 Leasing provides the ability to build what the customer desires in a building(s), e.g. increased size, multiple
buildings, additional components, etc.

Farm Credit Leasing Borrower Eligibility:
 AG Producers - Farmers/Ranchers/Producers
 Owns agricultural land or is engaged in the production of agriculture products, including the harvesters of aquatic
 Full Time - FCL can lease Buildings for all their needs.
 Part-time - FCL can lease Buildings only for Agricultural purposes.
 Agribusinesses - Agricultural Processing & Marketing Operations –
 An agribusiness that produces, processes and/or markets agricultural products. Ownership of the business must
include a Farmer(s)/Producer(s) who include produce/products into the production operations.
 Customers range from large-scale multi-national, corporate enterprises, to large-scale family or individual
agribusinesses involved in every facet of the food and fiber chain. These include poultry, beef, dairy, catfish,
timber, timber milling, grains and specialty crops, wine and more.
 Agribusiness - Farm-Related Service Providers -
 Furnishes services directly to the agricultural production.
 Owns or operates a farm related business that derives 50% or more on its income by providing farm-related
services to farmers and ranchers and that are directly related to their agricultural production.
 Examples: Large-animal Veterinarian, Feed or fertilizer delivery.
 Agricultural Cooperatives
 Rural Utilities

Farm Credit Leasing has experience with leasing buildings.
 30+ + years leasing buildings
 Farm Credit Leasing’s rates are competitive.
 Compare for yourself.
 Farm Credit Leasing provides Lease options.
 Lease type: True Lease or Conditional Sale Lease
 Term length: 5 or 7 Years
 Payment schedule: Monthly or Yearly
 Farm Credit Leasing offers Project Financing.
 Roll project costs into the lease: site prep, concrete, electrical, plumbing, etc.
 Farm Credit Leasing pays Lester Buildings and Contractors directly.
 Farm Credit Leasing will make progress payments to Lester Buildings and other Contractors on your behalf.
 Farm Credit Leasing Application Process is fast and easy.
 One page application
 Approval within 24-48 hours