Jordan's DIY Pole Barns
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Install the building yourself !
We offer many kits that can be purchased for the DIY market. All our kits are made from premium-grade
lumber, the finest code-compliant wood trusses, and high-quality super strong  min. 80,000 psi tensil strength
metal roofing and siding for constructing your structure. All buildings are designed for the wind/snow load in
your county. Got any questions? We know our buildings, down to every detail, of every piece needed to put
together a storage building, garage, workshop, commercial building, or horse barn.

Pole barn kits, with all parts and blueprints, save you trips to the local building supplier. We're straight-forward
and direct, as we should be. Dishonesty isn't our style, and you'll never put up with outdated high-pressure
sales techniques. What you see is what you get: Each building kit contains all the supplies you need to
complete your pole building.

High-quality and integrity are the foundation of all our pole barn designs. Use one as a garage, horse barn, or
a workshop - and these are only some of the possibilities. Either way, you get a top-notch, easy-to-set-up
building. Count on Jordan's DIY Pole Barns for low prices and free personal service.

Our building materials are manufactured and supplied by Lester Buildings, located in the heartland of
America. Lester manufactures and distributes all materials for any post frame building or roofing project, and
they are the top dealer network supplier of post-frame buildings in the USA. Lester Buildings is a national
company that produces, what we think, is the best built to last post-frame buildings in America. That is why we
chose Lester!
All garage doors are furnished and installed through our national contract with Clopay®, who is North
America's leading residential garage door manufacturer.

If needed, we also offer a list of qualified installers.

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Kits For the Do-It-Yourself Builder