The Lester Brand
What makes Lester Buildings different from the competition?

Planning and Design Process
Engineering Services
Industry Leading Warranty
Options & Customization
Quality and Value

Key Messages:
Planning Process
We're approachable and easy to work with; no pressure sales.
We feel it's important to spend time with the customer before the sale. We
listen to their needs and we work with them to design a plan that will meet their
needs now, and in the future.

Customization & Options
Our building systems are flexible and accommodates just about every need. In
addition, we offer so many options to customize the building.

Fully Engineered
Every part of the building is engineered to meet the local snow and wind loads.

Every component is tested and specified.
Vendors and sourced products are carefully selected.
We continually improve our manufacturing processes.
We continually invest in updated machines and technology.
Employees strive for excellence.

We help the customer create a building plan that fits their budget.
Regardless of budget, every building is engineered and every building is
backed by a Lifetime Structural Design Warranty.

We offer a Lifetime Structural Design Warranty for every building.